BIGkids – “Superhero” (Video)

Glad to see Mr. Hudson getting back at it. This time he’s in a group called BIGkids with singer Rosie Oddie. The video shows a young Hudson and Rosie running around town and just being kids. But then things get out of control and well… you’ll find out. No word on the album front but I suppose a mid-summer release is probable. Hopefully we get to see more of the duo swagging out with their signature, customized Burger King hats. Click through to read an interview with BIGkids.

You both began with solo careers, how did you meet and what inspired you to start making music together?
Ben: We met at the ‘Hall of Fame International Superstar Popstar Awards’…

Rosie: I was winning a Lifetime Achievement Award for my success as a solo artist.


Ben: I had been running around North America, doing my thing, and I really wanted to spend a bit more time back in the ‘heartland’ of North London. Because I’ve had my successes but they can remove you from the very thing that got you into it in the first place which is you know, nursing a pint at the Barfly, watching a band, going to festivals. I mean you do all of that but from the point of view of promoting an album. I made a conscious effort to take some time out and I stumbled across little Rosie here, rocking out in Camden and I said look, let’s go make some music with no real plan, I think in the back of my mind I was thinking I want to do something really classic with Rosie’s voice, and maybe something that gave it a bit more space than the kind of, grungy guitar. I mean listen I love her…

Rosie: Who doesn’t, who doesn’t love me.


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