Mariana Arc – “Let’s Go” & “Could It Be”

Mariana Arc has the voice of a young lady with the vibe of an old soul. The female duo fuses classic soul/r&b vocals with electronic beats and the product of that experiment is a brilliant sound that has me bobbing my head to the rhythm of the songs. The London-based pair only have two songs out right now so I can’t wait to hear more. Listen to their songs below and scroll down to read more about Mariana Arc.



A collaboration between two London based artists; Holly Bestic, a vocalist/guitarist hailing from Sydney and Kathy Kali, a multi-instrumentalist
producer from Chicago. Together they write, produce, record and engineer their own tracks.

Mariana Arc can be distinguished by the exploration of atmospheric synthesised textures and sultry, soul inspired vocals bought home by deep, classic bass lines to emerge a lush evolving landscape of sound.

Driven by exploring new ways of creating sounds, Kathy utilise both old and new technologies, iphone/ipad apps, an electric violin, drum machines and various analog/digital synths that can all be heard across the EP. Under her production and DJ name ‘Kali’, she produces a variety of different genre’s.

Holly’s ‘one on one’ vocals are inspired by artists such as Billie Holliday and Martina Topley-Bird.  Outside of Mariana Arc, she can frequently be heard performing acoustic sets of her own material under the monkier ‘Field of Wolves’.

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