Songs For Women: Emma Watson

So the first inaugural Songs for Women post is dedicated to the alluring and brilliant actress Emma Watson. You should already know about the British phenom from the children’s classic “Harry Potter” films and her supporting role in “My Week with Marilyn”. Ms. Watson is on the rise and I am using this post as an excuse to post her pictures and proclaim my love here. So here we go, the first of hopefully many posts in my new Songs for Women series.


Cloud Nothings – “Stay Useless”

Sometimes with a busy and hectic career like Emma’s, it might be a good idea to just stay home and do nothing. You might even want to dance to some tunes and imagine you’re performing in front of a crowd. Don’t tell anyone but I sometimes do that when no one is around. Shhh. It’s our secret.

Michael Jackson – “You Rock My World”

Love is one thing that I wish everyone will experience in life. You need that one person that will be there when you’re at your most vulnerable or even when you experience life’s joys. I hope Emma finds that one person that bring her happiness.

Lykke Li – “I’m Good, I’m Gone”

If someone is giving you attitude it’s okay to sometimes get up in their face and just say, “I’m Emma Watson b****”!

Outkast – “Hey Ya!”

Just a classic song with a wonderful message that many people just don’t pick up because of its amazing beat. Hopefully Emma’s relationships are true and meaningful.

Frank Ocean – “We All Try”

When life doesn’t give you lemons, you still have to believe in something. I think that’s how that saying goes. Oh well. This song always keeps my spirit up and reminds me why I do what I do. Maybe it will do the same for you. Did that rhyme?

She & Him – “I Was Made For You”

This is one of those feel good songs that you will subconsciously dance to. You’ll make a fool of yourself because you’ll have your headphones and people will just point and stare. Dance the embarrassment away with your odd movements. Who know, maybe the crowd will join you and you’ll time travel to the 80’s where your dancing is considered cool.

Youth Lagoon – “17”



So this ends my first virtual mix CD that I made for the lovely Emma Watson. I hoped you guys enjoyed it and in the off-chance that she views this, I hoped you enjoy it too. For now my appreciation for Emma must be from afar but I do hope to get a chance to meet her. Not as a fan but as a friend and maybe more. Don’t worry this is getting a little to weird for me too guys. So I hope you have a wonderful week and accomplish everything you guys set out to achieve. Enjoy!

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